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Our dynamically developing company was set up in order to help local and foreign companies and individuals with their business activities in today's linguistically diverse world. Multinational business needs communication in foreign languages, often in the mother tongue of the business partner. We offer our professional services to cut away linguistic constraints and so to promote the success of our clients. Our translators, proofreaders, interpreters and teachers working in Hungary and abroad have a long professional history and high educational standards. Both qualities are of the highest importance in this field.

Linguistic and professional competences

We do not agree with the nowadays unfortunately widely accepted opinion, that professional and complex translation tasks can be carried out by less qualified linguists – many years of experience has clearly proven us the opposite, thus we choose our partners and employees according to the following criteria:

  • Translator's and/or interpreter's degree

  • At least one specified field of expertise backed by proper qualification and experience

  • Perfect understanding of both written and spoken forms of the given language

  • At least 5 years of experience in the fields of translation and/or interpreting

  • Traceable references in the field of specialisation at hand

Hence, Turris Babel ensures having the client's best interest at heart in two ways: the translation and interpreting assignments suit our partners' needs both in technical contents and linguistic perfection.