The Middle East is one of the most interesting regions in the world today. Political and business life, with language closely following by, is changing rapidly, with enormous waves of investments having washed over the region in the past 50 years. This is why we deem it important to have not only linguists in our team, but also those who can monitor the rapid changes in culture and language on a daily basis.

The Academy of the Hebrew Language creates new words every day and the political elite uses more and more Arab slang when communicating with the neighbouring countries. The practically infinite number of Arab dialects are all based on the Classical One, kept as pure as possible with the representatives of several countries fighting for its cleanliness every day. Syrian slang and mixture of Persian words brought by those who left Iran in the past half a century create new challenges for the conscientious translator.

One of our main areas of expertise is Middle Eastern languages based translation and interpreting, hence we created a department focusing on this region and activity. We mainly deal with Hebrew, Arabic and Farsi, yet if need be we have Kurd and modern Aramaic specialists on stand by. Our team consists of middle-eastern specialists, linguists, experts in political sciences and theology, translators, interpreters and proofreaders.

The Israel Translators Association is one of the largest translation agency associations in the Middle East. The Middle Eastern market generally revolves around Hebrew, Arabic, Turkish, Russian, Hindi, Persian (Farsi) and English, and naturally the languages of investors, emigrants and tourists arriving from around the globe.

Since investments arriving from outside of the Middle East are crucial in the life of the region, interpreting and translation services are of vast importance. Our firm deems it a great honour to be a member of this group.

Our professional background is assisted by the Middle Eastern News Agency, World B.P.I., providing background knowledge and news to media agencies around the world.




Our company has offered high-quality language services to the leading companies of the region since its foundation. Convince yourself too and get in touch with us – we will prepare a sample work, free of charge, of course.




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