Translation Technology

memoqBoth language service providers and freelance translators already acknowledge the necessity and importance of CAT (computer-assisted translation) tools, which ensure a coherent terminology and glossary. The point is that the programs save and utilize client-, area of expertise- and project-based terminology, offering them to the translators and proofreaders during the entire assignment procedure. Hence, while offering a more precise and professional result, both time and effort decrease.

These tools are strongly recommended in case of short deadlines and bigger assignments since this way a given document may be handed out to several linguists, while keeping the same terminology.

sdlSDL Trados is at the moment the most widely used and recognized CAT tool, and as such compatibility is virtually guaranteed.

In addition, TagEditor, one of the program's core functions is able to handle most file formats (including Page Maker, Frame Maker, InDesign, QuarkXpress, XML, HTML, SGML, etc.), and after the assignment, the translations, edits and proofreads may be exported as well into any format.

Company Management System

ait projetexDue to the continuous growth of our company and the ever increasing amount of complex assignments we saw the need for a technical background which provides our colleagues with the necessary assistance and support regarding day-to-day project management.

We introduced the Projetex company management system in 2008, with the main objective in mind to greatly assist our project managers and administrators. With this system the workflows become much more transparent and all lookups and cross-referencing assignments become much simpler. The investment reduced all administration flaws into an all time minimum and as a result we were able to reach a higher level of customer satisfaction. Projetex includes all steps of the different stages in our everyday work, hence our colleagues may see to our clientele's every need more effectively and efficiently.


xbenchConsistency between the text to be translated and the translated text, between numeric and other characters, segments is an important factor in the case of larger texts with repetitive vocabulary or expected terminology. Numerous computer-aided translation tools are present in the market today, usually with unsatisfactory quality assurance controls. We perform the verification of source and target document with one of the most modern and efficient software on the market today, ApSIC Xbench. The program can process a number of formats, including:

  • Simple text files
  • Microsoft glossaries (.csv files)
  • Exported Trados Workbench memories
  • Exported Trados Multiterm glossaries
  • Trados TagEditor files
  • TMX memories
  • Trados Word bilingual uncleaned files
  • Installed and exported IBM TranslationManager folders
  • Exported IBM TranslationManager dictionaries 
  • SDLX .itd files
  • SDLX memories
  • Star Transit projects
  • Wordfast glossaries
  • Wordfast memories
  • Logoport RTF files
  • Idiom files
  • DejaVu files




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