Consecutive, liaison, whispered and conference interpreting form part of our core activities. In addition to the service itself we also cooperate with our partners to provide for the technical background in the highest possible standards.

Types of interpretation

Consecutive interpretation is mainly recommended for negotiations and business meetings, where the literal transmission of information and the translation of language nuances are important aspects.

In the case of consecutive interpreting, the interpreter listens to the speakers' speeches in full or in blocks, makes notes, and then re-presents the appropriate text in the desired language, in the corresponding blocks. In such cases, it is worth agreeing with the interpreter and the speakers on the intervals and content units to be translated by the assigned professional.

Simultaneous interpretation is recommended for events, meetings and conferences where fluency and simultaneous transmission of the spoken text are key.

In this type of interpretation, the interpreter translates the text continuously, preserving all the speaker's expressions to the fullest extent possible, preferably in the style of the presenter. The interpreter sits in a soundproof booth and the audience can follow the translation with headphones.

In the case of whispered or escort interpretation, the interpreter stands next to his client, translating the text confidentially for him only. This type of interpretation is ideal if only a few members of the audience are not familiar the common language. This is a good solution for receptions, protocol events or small business meetings.

Duties and role of the interpreter

Interpreting is a difficult and responsible task: it not only requires the perfect, native-level or close-to-native-level knowledge of two languages. High-quality work also requires a number of other competencies.

Good interpretation is perfectly smooth and does not interfere with the natural course of the event. For this, the interpreter usually also needs extensive protocol knowledge, good appearance, high standing and stress tolerance.

In some special cases, the interpreter also acts as a hostess, he or she may be involved in the reception and management of guests arriving at the event, for information providing purposes.

The interpreter usually needs to prepare for the task before starting the translation assignment. Before each and every events, our interpreters study the program, get acquainted with the most important terms of the given field of expertise, and even look up small nuances such as the correct pronunciation of names or title of participants.

Technical background of the interpreter

Adequate technical conditions are often required for smooth interpretation and the organization of an event. We are at your service in this regard, too. With the help of our partners, we can reliably provide the technical background for both interpretation and event organization, from special equipment (interpreting booths, interpreting equipment) to comprehensive audio-visual solutions.

Of course, we are also open to interpreting in rural areas or outside of Hungary in any language combination.

For us, the most important aspect is to always send out our most suitable specialist for a given assignment. Our interpreters are usually bilingual and have specialist knowledge as well as many years of experience, in addition to their interpreter diploma.

In order for our interpreters to do the best possible work, we always try to obtain materials, glossaries, brochures, documents or programs related to the event – this will help our interpreters to properly prepare for the assignment at hand.




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